sábado, diciembre 23, 2006

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Passage Rhinoceros Oceane alimentaire Finis Terrae The strength of the earth Darkening of the light Ode maritima The journal Bright colors of autumn Portrait of a Breton lady Vézelay Vanity fair Imperturbable Vienne la nuit sonne l'heure Null Composition with six ducks All of my dreams they fall like rain Well and jar Three Scouring the night Morning has broken Penetration Splash Melensa Padova, July 2006 Natural bisection Sad waltz As the days pass away The oracle's tree Incontro Peace Relief D'in su la vetta della torre antica Climb to the light Under the arch The vesper bell's dinging What's down there? Don't close your window Devotion Speechless The far wave La valle del mulino bianco --^-- Paramount Y todo ardió en azul When the music's over The thing You can hear the wind It's a dried world The farm Chiare fresche e dolci acque I want to want Freedom - Libertad Festa 4 Twisted and tangled Between the earth and sky #3 L'automne est un deuxième printemps Autumn is a second Spring Through the water Tango Trusting its fate Sul far della sera Stories of  trees vol. 2 Mellow green Floating leaf The Taming Power of the Small (9) Preponderance of the Great (28) The truce
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